Celebrating Individuality Through Style

About Us

About Us

At Princes and Paupers, we stand for providing clothing that is of high quality and celebrates individuality, with the knowledge that there is something for everyone hence the name Princes and Paupers. We hand pick the best quality vintage from all over the world for both men and women; ranging from dress and accessories, to grooming products. Our styles include work wear, formal wear, country wear and everyday pieces ranging from 1890s to 1990s. We are also very conscious about sizing and for that reason we make sure to always source for a wide range of sizes and shapes. Not only do we sell vintage goods we also make clothing as we produce our own hand tailored and reworked collections. All of our collections are non-specific to gender as we style all of our pieces to suit both men and women. Our moto is “If you like it, wear it.” Our workshop is located in store so you can see items ­­being made on site giving you a personal experience.

As part of our motive to celebrate individuality through style we work with a range of creatives and independent designers with different disciplines and styles to develop our creativity and bring us new ideas. This also helps us to support and promote artisans and their craftsmanship.




Owner and creative director

“I like to say some days I dress like I work on the railway; some days I dress like I own it. I wanted to create a shop that offers traditional services with a more creative and forward thinking attitude. I aim to create a unique shopping experience with the intention of making you happier when you leave than when you came in.”


Josh Barber

Creative, maker and co-founder of Work Ethic Denim

“I draft my own sewing patterns from scratch creating more unusual, eye catching garments inspired by traditional vintage patterns. My personal specialty is denim and harder wearing materials and I am always interested in expanding my expertise to all areas of making and tailoring."

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Jake Rowles


"I am responsible for all of the photos you see on the website. I enjoy helping Princes & Paupers vision come to life with my camera. When I’m not helping out at P&P you’ll find me wandering around Cardiff with my camera looking for that perfect shot.”

I also work as a freelance photographer and illustrator you can see more of my work at:

Frosty the Sew-man

Aka Daniel Frost, Creative maker

"I work mainly in tweed creating bespoke garments with an individual flair and an eye for the eccentric. During my degree in costume construction I created a variety of different garments from various time periods. Subverting these trends through pattern cutting and putting my own take on classic cuts is the inspiration for the garments I make."