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Our collections


WORK ETHIC is Princes & Pauper's very own tailor made Denim wear Brand.

At Work Ethic we design, make and customise garments for the individual regardless of gender shape or size.

With a nod to vintage and classic clothing styles our motto is "if you can't find it, we'll make it for you." 

We salvage and collect vintage wools and denim regardless of condition. If a garment is beyond repair, we will use the fabric to create a new piece as well as offer decorative repair service for denim in the style of Japanese 'Sashiko' and 'Boro' giving new life to old clothing.

We collaborate with and utilise the skills of like minded makers and creatives feeding off each other's ideas with a view to moving forward together.

We make bespoke pieces  for men, women and dogs! We wash, cut and dye all the denim ourselves. Dying our own denim means we can offer any garment in any colour of your choosing, from classic deep blue to mint green or banana yellow. 

All the garments are made on a single machine by the dedicated denim demon, Josh Barber also known as JBB.

All our denim garments are 100% made in Wales by my small and dedicated team.

See examples of our Work Ethic items on the products page.

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