Celebrating Individuality Through Style



Denim Surgeries

We can alter and repair your old favourite jeans and jackets at our weekly Denim Surgery.  We repair the pockets, crotches, shorten legs, replace collars, add patches or create new individual features with our Japanese ‘Sashiko’ and ‘Boro’ inspired mending techniques. Denim Surgery runs every Saturday from 12pm-5.30pm at the Princes & Paupers shop. This service is a great way of prolonging the life of your old faithful denim clothes.       



If you're looking for an outfit for an event or feel like exploring a new style for your day today, then we're always happy to help.

We can embellish existing outfits with accessories from our collection of ties, cravats, shirts, waistcoats cufflinks, hats etc. or help build a new look from head to toe.

This service is ideal for weddings, themed events, photo shoots, performers and daily life.



Can't find that perfect vintage shirt, cravat, bag, blouse, hat or waistcoat etc to finish the outfit you're that just dying to show the world? Then drop us an email with your sizes, a description or photo of the garment you're looking for and if we find it we'll send you a picture and a price. You can pick it up from the shop or we can post it to you.